Residential Artificial Grass Installations

Save time with AGI

Transform your garden with AGI artificial grass. Change a lawn or garden into an almost-maintenance-free area to enjoy with the whole family. No need to buy a lawnmower, use weed killer, or pay for a gardener.

Have the perfect fake grass lawn designed and installed with AGI Grass all year round.

Have you ever wondered if you can put garden furniture on artificial grass? You can put outdoor furniture and more, on synthetic turf to create the perfect outdoor social space.

Did you know, artificial grass is pet-friendly! All pet owners know dogs love digging holes and making a mess, getting themselves covered in mud and grass stains. With artificial turf, no matter the weather, your dog will come into the house spotless, meaning no more muddy paw prints.

Artificial lawn is absorbent so pet urine won’t be an issue, it will just be absorbed. Also, synthetic grass doesn’t discolour and eliminates nasty odors, so your furry friends can go about their normal business.

AGI Artificial Grass with Decking
AGI Residential Artificial Lawn
AGI Artificial Grass - Easy garden Macro
AGI Resin Bound Stone for Driveways

Resin Bound stone

Residential & Commercial

Resin Bound Stone Safety Surfaces can be used for loads of commercial and domestic purposes including; footpaths, driveways, patios and much more.

A Resin Bound Stone safety surface is very hard wearing and little aftercare is required once it has been installed. There are no loose stones and any colour or pattern can be achieved. Colour samples can be provided.

The surfaces are made up of natural stones, gravel and specialised resins. These are poured into a large drum mixer, poured out, and trowelled to give a smooth finish.

Resin Bound Stone can be installed directly over concrete or tarmac without the need for any additional ground preparation. Having an existing sub-base already will help us speed up the process of installing your new surface.

Types of artificial grass we use


Pile Height: 33mm Blade Shape: Flat Density*:16,800/m2


AGI Artificial Grass choices - Breeze


Pile Height: 30mm Blade Shape: Diamond C&D Density*:15,750/m2


AGI Artificial Grass choices - Corvette


Pile Height: 35mm Blade Shape: Stem Shape Density*: 23,100/m2


AGI Artificial Grass choices - Buick


Pile Height: 39mm Blade Shape: Flat Density*:25,200/m2


AGI Artificial Grass choices - Mystique


Pile Height: 35mm Blade Shape: S Shape Density*:17,850/m2


AGI Artificial Grass choices - Inifinity


Pile Height: 40mm Blade Shape: C Shape Density*:19,950/m2


AGI Artificial Grass choices - Mulsanne

*Density is the number of fibres per m2. All grasses have a UV stability warranty from 8 to 10 years and are available in 2m and 4m wide rolls.

Durability 85%
Usability 100%
Cost 50%

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