Coloured Artificial Grass

When it comes to artificial grass installation, it doesn’t all have to be green! We have three different coloured synthetic grass product types; Leisure Colours, Tough Colours, and Perfect Fun coloured artificial grass. Each range has its unique offering, be it colour, pile height, or durability.

Coloured Artificial Grass

Coloured grass is ideal for contemporary, commercial, and modern living areas such as patios, balconies and terraces, poolside, indoor offices, high-rise apartments, and buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor events.

Why not create an exciting and fun adventure area for your next playground or play area project? Use colourful grass to map out race tracks, dynamic patterns, animals, and fictional creatures for children to enjoy in their outdoor areas for public and educational facilities, all year round! 

For a top-quality and dynamically designed adventure golf course, colourful artificial turf makes for a versatile surface while mimicking the same look and feel of a well-maintained sports pitch surface. With coloured synthetic turf, you can make sure your adventure, mini-golf, and crazy golf courses are crazy for all the right reasons.

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Leisure Colours

Leisure Colours add vibrant, creative, and eye-catching surface design while providing a highly resilient and easy-to-maintain environment. Our Leisure Colour artificial grasses boast a dense and tufted 18 mm pile height made of texturised polyethylene monofilaments with narrow blades. A sand-dressed product, making this a perfect synthetic grass for play areas, games areas, balconies, office environments.

Tough Colours

Tough Colours colourful artificial grass is a synthetic turf designed specifically with a short, dense, curled polypropylene 10 mm pile height. Tough Colour artificial grass is slightly more course than Leisure Colour artificial turf, making this artificial grass product ideal for installations requiring a resilient and hard-wearing surface such as pathways, walking tracks, balconies, terraces, and other heavy-footfall applications.

Perfect Fun

Perfect Fun is a dense, thick, and luscious coloured artificial grass product. This artificial grass enjoys a 24 mm pile height and a wide range of colours within the range. Flashy, animated, and striking, this colourful grass will make the perfect addition or surface area for your next display, exhibition, or event.

Perfect Fun is as easy to lay as our standard artificial grass and is similarly capable of surviving years of play and rough and tumble. And if you choose Perfect Fun for an outdoor installation, the colour retains its vibrancy in the brightest sunlight. 

Remodel, reshape and innovate any playground or play area with Perfect Fun coloured artificial grass.

Coloured Artificial Grass Design & Installation

If we have inspired you to invest in any of our exciting and unique coloured grasses, and you would like to talk about our design and installation process, don’t hesitate to contact us.