Adventure Golf Course Design & Construction

AGI provides a fully managed design and installation service for Mini Golf and Adventure Golf course construction. Our team of expert installers specialise in creating fun and exciting miniature golf courses that will keep families and couples entertained after every visit.

Adventure Golf


We stock a range of artificial grasses to create colourful and challenging Mini-Golf courses, as well as themed scenery, props and materials to create an immersive environment that will entertain your customers during every visit. Our synthetic turf is ideal for high-footfall Crazy Golf courses as it is manufactured to be highly durable and very low maintenance.

Artificial grass is a popular choice for designing themed Adventure Golf courses because it presents a natural-looking fake grass all year round with much better resistance to the weather and is resilient to regular usage compared to real grass. It’s also easy to maintain while offering excellent investment opportunities for you and your business with a potentially high return on your investment.

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Adventure Golf Course Construction

Our bespoke Adventure Golf course designs optimise the space you’ve got and create eye-catching and exciting themed adventure golf courses for your customers to enjoy. Our professional team of artificial grass installers will ensure your mini-golf course is finished to a high standard, with minimal maintenance requirements, durability for high footfall, and providing your business with a longevity that will enable you to make big profits in the medium- and long-term.

The Process

At AGI, our adventure golf installation team will consult with you on your unique requirements, developing ideas about themes and bringing our experience of how to construct a fun, exciting adventure golf course for families and golf players alike. From planning and design to deciding with you on the props and themes you wish to install, we will create a construction of the highest professional standards. 

We will work for you every step of the way, or, shall we say “every putt on the course”!


Mini Golf Site Survey

Firstly, we will meet with you at the site, and brainstorm a discovery session to share ideas from both parties for the Adventure or Mini Golf course. Once we have done this, we will survey the area, discuss themes, and props, to look at how we can build an exciting and fun adventure golf course for you. We will also discuss your budget so that we can install a mini golf course that gives you quality, at the highest value. We can also work with you on providing branded props and coloured artificial grass for mini golf to mirror your company’s brand colours or logos. We take pride in building individual and unique adventure golf designs with creative and family-friendly props.


Once we have surveyed and discussed the design of your adventure golf project, we convert the ideas into a 2D or 3D design, and submit it for your approval. This is your opportunity to see how the plans for your bespoke Adventure or Mini Golf course will look once installed. Once we are at this stage, we can work with you to make any final amends before construction begins, so that we can ensure you are happy with your golf course design.

MANUFACTURING Adventure Golf Materials

When we have agreed on the final design, the materials for your Adventure Golf course will be made especially for your business. Our materials are selected by us to ensure quality and originality. You are investing in a unique design and construction, so the finished course will reflect your authentic and original requirements.


We will project manage the entire installation, so that you can relax as your adventure golf design gets implemented. Once your custom made adventure golf materials have been delivered, we then break the ground on the marked area we mapped out for the course, so that work can begin. Once the Adventure Golf course is completed, you will be able to invite customers to enjoy your new course. A newly installed low maintenance playing surface, props and themes for Adventure Golf, will be the most exciting new attraction in the area!

Mini golf course design

Are you considering investing in an Adventure Golf Course? 

At AGI, our bespoke design and installation team will help you create an exciting, low maintenance, and fun-themed Adventure or Miniature Golf Course.