Playgrounds Design & Construction

Create an ideal, safe outdoor area for year-round use with our Artificial Grass, Safety Surfaces, and our Playground Equipment. Each artificial grass product is extremely hard-wearing, and we can cut it to any shape and any size.

Playground design & construction

Our bespoke playground designs optimise the space you have and create an eye-catching and exciting playground for kids of all ages to enjoy. Whether you need a traditional swing set, a roundabout, or a bespoke timber climbing frame, we can work with you to design a safe and enjoyable activity area for kids to enjoy.

We can work with you to design a theme for your playground; thrill your little astronauts with an out-of-this-world rocket playhouse, or maybe children will want to be king or queen of the castle!

Our professional team of artificial grass installers will ensure your playground is finished to a high standard, with minimal maintenance requirements.

Safety First

Transform all those unusable or unsightly areas into great usable spaces – all year round! Our artificial grass is manufactured as an impact absorbing exterior safety surface system using a range of durable, natural-looking artificial grasses.

Children often fall while playing and running about, and without good artificial turf and underlay, it can make for some pretty nasty injuries. That’s why, when we are designing playgrounds, we make sure to use our impact-absorbing synthetic grass. Our artificial grass for school playgrounds creates a safe environment that allows kids to run and enjoy themselves without the worry of injuries.

The composite layering construction provides this choice of artificial grasses at a range of Critical Fall Heights from 1 meter to 2.8 meters. All Safe Range options have been tested to EN 1177:2008 as an impact absorbing playground surface.

They are made of multiple composites of artificial grass installed over a unique multi-layered laminate of cross-linked, closed-cell polymer foam, which spreads the impact and absorbs the shock.

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Play Equipment

Fun for everyone

Our playground equipment develops necessary skills from balance and coordination to social interaction and teamwork by encouraging creative play. Outdoor recreation is vital for learning these essential skills.

We can provide:

• Adventure Climbers And Space Nets
• Adventure Trails
• Boast, Ships & Nautical
• Cars, Road & Rail
• Castles & Forts
• Climbing Frame & Towers
• Inclusive Play
• Moving & Dynamic Equipment

• Play Houses, Cabins & Stages
• Play Panels
• Play Sculptures
• Rockers & Seesaws
• Sensory, Sand, Water & Music
• Slides
• Swing
• Traverse & Climbing Walls


Are you considering investing in playgrounds? AGI’s bespoke design and installation team will install a playground to your requirements, including safety flooring, artificial grass and play equipment, giving you the opportunity for a profitable business.