Artificial Grass for Tennis Courts

At AGI Grass, we offer a full design and build service for tennis court installations. We provide a complete service for your court including fencing, groundworks, lighting, and netting. Using our artificial grass as the sports surface, we can construct a low maintenance and durable tennis court that can be used all year round.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court Construction

Synthetic grass for tennis courts is a popular choice. We will design and install an artificial surface to your tennis court, using synthetic turf to construct a low-maintenance court according to your budget.

Installing state-of-the-art tennis courts is a specialised operation that requires an experienced and highly trained team. Here at AGI, we always carry out our installations to ensure that the quality of every tennis court is exceptional. 

Synthetic grass can withstand more use than a natural pitch, there is little to no maintenance when it comes to synthetic tennis courts, the grass never needs to be mowed, and it is also more aesthetically pleasing. It will look good in all weather conditions, compared to natural grass, which seems wilted and extremely muddy when the weather is terrible. 

We offer a complete design process for tennis court construction that includes a great range of quality fencing suited for tennis courts and other sports pitches. Our fences are capable of withstanding tennis ball hits so that the integrity of the fence remains strong even during the most competitive matches.

Our full tennis court installations include complete groundwork from curb edging and pathways to resin-bound and safety surfaces. We can also install lighting, LED floodlights, and complete floodlights for your tennis court, making it available for evening use. Our artificial turf range will provide a substantial, realistic-looking court while meeting performance and quality requirements.

Why choose us for your tennis court installation? 

All projects are managed by a site supervisor, making sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. We aim for zero defects; all of our installations are tested at critical stages of construction and, of course, on completion. We strive for perfection every time and fully manage the whole process, from design to installing all our artificial turf and tennis court equipment, making sure that we deliver a complete performance guarantee.

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Coloured Grass for Tennis Courts

As part of our discovery and design service, we can help you add additional value by designing your pitch with coloured grass that can even match your company’s brand or logo. Our range of coloured Artificial Grass is budget-friendly, vibrant, and suitable for a wide range of applications! It is equally safe, durable, and high-quality as our other artificial grass products. For championship quality surfaces, coloured grass is visibly more attractive to a TV audience. It is also more apparent where a team needs to warm up if there is a designated section. 

We can supply coloured grass to create a border around your tennis court, to make it easier to teach in, as you can easily see where the tennis ball has bounced. We can specify a tennis court design for educational purposes, such as teaching children the different portions of a tennis court and how they need to play. You can choose to have parts of, or, the whole tennis court in vibrant color- the choice is yours!

The Process

At AGI International, our tennis court installation team will consult with you on your unique requirements, developing ideas and bringing our experience to construct the ideal tennis court for you. From planning and design to installation, we will construct a tennis court of the highest professional standards.  We will “serve” you every step of the way!

Tennis Court design

Are you considering investing in a Tennis Court? 

At AGI Grass, our bespoke design and installation team will help you create a durable, low maintenance, and ideal playing surface for your tennis.